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How to Find a Wife? Stop Asking — Start Acting with Us

There is probably a strong reason why you cannot find love of your life. After reading this article, you will surely want to exit the “Single’ club. Perhaps you do not have enough experience in dating and talking to women, you just have no idea where to start. Alternatively, maybe you are too obsessed with finding a girlfriend that you scare away all possible candidates. However, to find a wife you need to start with yourself and solve all misunderstandings between “You” and “You”.

Some Truths in Whose Eyes You Need to Look

  1. The first reason for you not having a wife yet is that you are a couch potato, who constantly hangs out at home, spends little time with friends. You cannot hope for finding a good wife putting no effort, do you? Maybe you are locked in a never-ending circle “home-work-home” and concentrate on your career too much. Whatever the reason is, you do not allocate enough time to find a girlfriend.
  2. Handsome, successful and skillful men attract beautiful women. We are constantly said that our second part must love us just like we are, even with disabilities, ailments, both inner and outer disadvantages. There is a drop of truth in that, but we should be realistic and not hope for the miracle to come and save our miserable, lonely soles. Let’s agree that it is much more pleasing and interesting to talk to a confident person, rather than locked-up in his or her feelings and emotions. Confidence is incredibly important for men as it gives them sex appeal. 
  3. You are fearful of taking the first step. When a woman tries to flirt with you but notices that you are hesitant or nervous, she will look for another target. By being reluctant to start first, you subconsciously convey a message that you are not into her. Women will not march on to the beat you drum trying to help you sort yourself out. Therefore, be active from the very start and show your initiative.
  4. Another reason is you being perverted and impolite towards women. No woman will appreciate being treated like an object. Think about your behavior, which might alienate women. Here are some basic rules: no condescending, suspicions macho sayings; no memorized, awkward pick-up lines. Naturalness counts.
  5. You do not have enough social connections. If you act as a lost loner, a woman might think, “If I date him he would be around me 24/7”. Social connection is not just friends and family. It means being part of the social environment in general.
  6. You are too egotistical and self-oriented. Every woman wants attention, it is their nature. Every woman needs time and space for herself. Women are also more attracted to men who are focused on the relationship in moderation. You should have a personal life outside of your relationship.
  7. You have no real impression of love and women’s behavior. It seems rather challenging to understand them at times, but they are not aliens, just the same human beings. Whatever you say — she will understand it. Nevertheless, being cautious is also important as getting a slap in the face is not a sign of a successful start of relationships.

It All Starts With You

Ask yourself: “Would I like to date a man I am at the moment?». Be self-critical. To carry out the ‘girlfriend’ project, you have to make sure you are satisfied enough with your life so that you do not have another excessive burden on your shoulders. 

Chase your passion. Whatever your talent or interests are, hang in there and develop them. Set goals. Do not focus on relationships uniquely, falling out of life. Do not be just a shapeless spot. Let everyone know who you are, what you like — have a personality, in short. As if you enjoy something and you can share it, you seem 10x more attractive, as far as you know exactly what you want. 

Live life and gain experience. Imagine coming back from a trip and having to tell something. By sharing, there is a higher chance to find out that you have something in common. 

Look For Women 

Obviously, it is impossible to get an answer on how to find a wife while being trapped in four walls or hanging out in places where mostly men habituate. 

To visit more weddings and have more chances to meet ‘The one’, expand your circle of friends. Getting to know more people at the gym, courses, clubs increases the number of acquaintances. What is more, there are places in the city that have become part of our day-to-day life. For example, you have your lunch specifically at one spot, buy bread and pastry at one bakery. Try going to another place. 

  1. Do not lie: never provide fake photos, fake age, fake personal interests, and other information. Do not pretend to please her: stay natural and honest. Be yourself, the woman should accept you just the way you are.
  2. Be careful: even the smallest details matter. Pay attention to everything she writes and make little discoveries. For instance, if she mentions her favorite film, then watch it and provide your feedback on it the next day. 
  3. Compliment her: fist compliments, like  «I like chatting with you» or «It is rather impressive, what a feeling for details you have» help overcome the distance between you two. The better you get to know her, the more personal your compliments will become.

By the way, the best websites for online dating are Charmdate, Dream Singles, Find hot single. And these are direct answers on how to find a wife. 

Practical Part of the Guide

You have to focus on your goal — to find a girlfriend. Sounds complicated? Your approach depends on the situation and environment. For example, if you have met a woman in a bar, invite her over for a drink. If it happens in the park while you are jogging, start a conversation about the weather or area. If you know her from the course, discuss what the course is like. 

How to Conquer a Woman On the First Date?

The first impression is crucial. Once it has gone wrong, it is usually difficult to recover. That is why it is particularly important to make a positive impression at the first meeting. Here are some tips on how to make a good first impression.

Conclusion: You conquer a woman with your personality!

In order to cast a spell on the lady of your heart, you have to be authentic and honest. How quickly and intensely a woman falls in love does not depend on your appearance but on your personality. Have a positive attitude towards dating — because this not only makes you more relaxed but also makes you look more attractive to your counterpart. The type of charming cavalier is still in demand, so you can conquer her by treating her politely. Really listen to her during your conversations and make her laugh. You can express your interest through attention and flattering words. 

From Date To Girlfriend

As you spend more and more time together, you learn more about each other and this makes your relationship stronger. You get to know all sides of the woman you are dating and find out whether she has that certain something that you are looking for. You fall in love with spending time together. Love is the result of great conversations, wonderful moments and experiences.

Before you officially ask her to be your girlfriend, you should first be aware of your own feelings about her. Playing with a woman is not cool. If you just wrap her around your finger because it is nice to have someone around, but actually, you do not have any deep feelings for her, then she should not be your girlfriend. 

But if you want to be with her every minute of your life, when you think of her first, when you achieve something, it means that you are slowly falling in love with her. So if you want to take the next step and you know that she is ready for it, then dare and ask her.

Ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend.  Now it depends on her personality, whether you think you have to kneel in front of her or not. However, it’s not like you want to marry her right away, so feel free to ask her a little more relaxed.

How to Understand That She Is Your Second Part?

A wife is not a girlfriend. It is not a temporary decision. You should be thinking in a lifetime perspective. This is a woman around whom your family would be built. If staying with her every day feels like hell, that might be the wrong person to consider a wife.


To answer a question on how to find a wife, you need to start with yourself, go out of your comfort bubble, incorporate changes into your life. You need to know what you are searching for in a woman, understand their phycology, what is acceptable and what is not when being near her.