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    Japanese Brides

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    • Family Oriented: 9.0  
    • Ease of Seduction: 8.0  

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    Everything you should know about gorgeous Japanese brides

    The modern way of searching for love has changed a lot in recent decades. To make the right choice, people are increasingly using the services of online marriage agencies. You can get to know and love a person of a completely different nationality and culture. If you love Japanese culture and want to introduce it into your life, why not find a Japanese wife in a legal Japanese brides agency. After all, Japanese women have always been known as one of the best wives in the world. Feel free to make the right match.

    Historical view on best Japanese brides

    In the 2014 WEF Global Gender Gap Report, Japan lagged behind most developed countries, ranking 104th out of 142 countries. Women’s political and economic status is not improving, while the number of underemployed women and single mothers is growing, which means that inequality is growing. But if we look back at history, women in Japanese society have always had a very high status. For example, in contrast to Greek mythology, the goddess of the sun, who ruled over eight million deities, Amaterasu, is a woman. And since ancient times in Japan believed that it is women who are endowed with a special, supernatural force that allows them to communicate with the gods. Again, we must not forget that until the first half of the 14th century in Japan there was matriarchy among farmers, fishermen and merchants, who made up the majority of the population, women, working on an equal footing with men, were equal members of society and enjoyed the same degree of freedom (including questions of love and marriage). At the same time, the way of life of women in the elite class was determined by Confucian ethics for many centuries, which prescribes «three points of submissiveness» to women: in youth, father, after marriage, husband, in old age, children, and other restrictions.

    It is interesting to note that many researchers, including Japanese researchers, believe that conspiracy marriage is a traditional Japanese way of life and that it was only after the Second World War that younger generations of Japanese people gradually adopted the Western style of love marriage. However, in the Edo era (1601-1867), conspiracy marriage was a samurai custom, accounting for less than 10 percent of the population. Farmers’ wedding customs, which exceeded 80 percent of the Japanese population, were quite different. There was an unwritten rule in the villages: everyone was supposed to marry for love.

    The Civil Code of 1898, although developed by the Japanese according to the French model, significantly restricted women’s rights and effectively legitimized patriarchal family relations. Centuries-old traditions define the lifestyle of a Japanese woman who, like her great-grandmother, acts as a housewife. The main quality of a Japanese woman is her hard work and ability to perform her duties clearly and quickly, without any doubts. The strict rule is to keep the appearance of not only family members neat, but also everything that surrounds them at home and in the yard. Therefore, it is rare to see a Japanese wife or mother in idle condition. And now, in many families, a woman helps her husband dress up, laces his shoes, and chooses the best piece of food she has prepared for family dinner. Romantic love and marriage based on it mean nothing to the Japanese. In this country, the history of the institution of the family is such that love is not put in the first place here, and if it suddenly arises between spouses, it is perceived as a reward from above. The head of the family works very hard, so the only day off he just falls asleep. Often a man works in another city for months, and this is also quite common. So, Japanese women have their own separate life, in which she sometimes meets her friends at dinner, with them (and with children) organizes a picnic in nature. Thus, men are not distracted by the trifles of life, providing all wives, and in their midst, there is even a joke that Japanese women — a secret weapon of the country, which increases its productivity, ensuring economic success.

    So now, a modern beautiful Japanese woman is tired of loneliness and misconceptions. They need help and support. That is why they also looking for a very gentle and attentive future husband.

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    • Girls’ reply rate: 93%
    • Girls online: 1280
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    • Rating: 9.6
    • Girls’ reply rate: 91%
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    • Rating: 9.5
    • Girls’ reply rate: 88%
    • Girls online: 1392

    Why foreigners are dating Japanese women?

    Exotic appearance

    Hot Japanese women are usually dainty and thin, with hazel eyes and gleaming black or brown straight hair and very light skin. They always take good care of themselves and have a magic Japanese charm. Sexy Japanese women look younger than their real ages and look like live dolls. Thoughtfully dressed with an ideal taste of the combination of colors and styles. That’s why Japanese women are well-known for their impeccable elegance and grace.

    Good manners

    From childhood, Japanese mail order brides teach how to be an ideal woman and wife. They always think about the others’ opinions about her family so she won’t make you awkward in public or let you down. They don’t like to get into problems and aren’t boisterous.

    They are good educated

    Education among women is encouraged in Japanese culture. Most Japanese brides have degrees in different specializations. And degrees help them to land good jobs. Japanese mail order brides care about their intellectual growth. They are interested in a different kind of music and read a lot of books. You’ll always have something to talk about. They can handle conversations on any intellectual topic.

    They are really hot and playful

    For the pleasure of their men, hot Japanese brides are ready for many things. It is not for nothing that for many centuries Japanese women were brought up as perfect Geisha. They know a lot of games of attracting men and always do it excellently. Therefore, if you meet for such a lady, be ready that you will fall in love for the rest of your life!

    Japanese brides for marriage are family oriented

    Modern Japanese woman cherishes all the fundamental family values. Single Japanese women care about what men think about them. Respect for their spouse and family is a part of their behavioral pattern and Japanese whole culture in general. Japanese mail order brides try to give as much respect to their spouses as they can. It is difficult to find a rude and asocial woman in Japan. The atmosphere in the family has to be friendly and Japanese women make a fierce effort to keep it that way. Be sure you will forget about all the difficulties at work or whatever when you come back home to your lovely Japanese wife. There isn’t a more significant thing for a Japanese mail-order bride than a family. A primary thing in her life is the success of her husband and children. They completely dedicate themselves to their children. So, you should choose a Japanese wife if you also share these beliefs.

    How can you become interesting for Japanese singles?

    Be interested in her culture

    She will be very touched when you show a faithful curiosity about her culture and customs. Ask a lot of questions about Japan and its traditions. You can learn a few phrases in Japanese, she’ll be very happy to hear it. Come to Japan and ask her to be your guide. Praise their traditional cuisine and be interested in all the traditions of her native country.

    Show your wish to raise a family

    If you’re looking for a wife, you’re already in the mood for family. But don’t forget to show it to your Japanese sweetheart. She must be sure of your serious intentions to create a family. Don’t lie on the couch and show her your everyday progress at work and all the steps you do on the way to your future family.

    Be a gentleman

    Like all women in the world, the Japanese woman dreams of a caring and loving husband. Always tell her compliments and give her cute presents. The main task of a man is to make his woman happy. And then this woman will give happiness and her heart to you. Japanese women like no one else know how to be grateful and loving.

    When you decided you wanted to find Japanese brides online, it is time to think about where to find her. In the world of modern technology and the Internet, you won’t be able to go directly to the other side of the world. But to find an honest site with real Japanese women is also difficult. Unfortunately, there are so many fake Japanese bride’s agency sites that only want to scam clients at an expensive price. Also, don’t believe in sites with low cost and Japanese brides for sale. But it’s not all that bad. There are decent sites with real Japanese women. The main thing is to always read reviews about the site and check the stories of real people who have found their fate there. Never quit looking for your love, maybe she’s waiting for you in Japan!

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