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    Sudanese Brides

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    • Date with older guy: 85%
    • Beauty: 8.8  
    • Family Oriented: 8.4  
    • Ease of Seduction: 8.3  

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    Is Sudanese mail-order bride a perfect match?

    Nowadays, no one will be surprised that a man goes to a Sudanese brides agency to find a beautiful Sudanese woman. But you can ask “What? Mail order brides: who are they?”

    To start with, let’s explore the truth.

    Mail order brides are women who publish their personal information and photo in the special catalogs. The main aim is to find a husband, usually, from the countries with a high level of economic growth, for example, the USA. The women are often from third-world countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, South Sudan Indonesia, etc.

    Top 3 Sites comparisons by ethnicity

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    • Girls online: 1392

    Why do Sudanese mail order brides search a foreign husband?

    Sudanese women like many other women in the world want to be happy, to be taken care of, to love and to be loved. But what makes hot Sudanese women become mail order brides and look for the love online? There are a lot of stereotypes regarding this. Let’s discuss it one by one.

    First of all, many people think that sexy Sudanese women are quite plump and do not go in for sports. Indeed, there was the tradition that best Sudanese brides were fed with an unlimited amount of food from the very childhood. It was done with the full intent to make girls more attractive and beautiful for their future husbands because the bigger hot Sudanese brides are, the better and the more stunning they are for others. In fact, if a single girl did not have a particular weight, she was not considered to be ready to have a husband. These days, there are still people who follow this strange tradition and do not want to break it. Thank God, there are not too many of them.

    The second stereotype tells us that Sudanese women will do everything you tell them and they will accept it no matter what. That is why there are many so men who would like to meet the Sudanese brides online. This stereotype occurred because there are a lot of wrong facts that people from other countries know about life in Sudan. Often, foreigners do not know and do not even want to learn peculiarities of this or that nation, especially if the majority of this nation is the Muslims. In many countries that are located near Sudan, the parents grow their daughters with one aim: to sell them in exchange for a cow. Or two. The more, the better. This is the cost of being a girl in a poor country. These young women have to become the wives of elder men they do not even know and have never seen in their lives. Sad, but this is the truth in the 21st century. 

    Sudan is not the case, however.

    What should you know before seeking Sudanese brides for marriage?

    Real Sudanese women understand that education is very important these days, so they do whatever they can to get a degree. The biggest percentage of Sudanese women have a degree. There is also a possibility for them to study abroad if they declare that they are spiritual and believe in God. Moreover, there are a lot of great schools in Sudan where girls can get good knowledge.

    First of all, no one can expect from hot Sudanese brides that they will do anything only for the reason they have to pay bills, for rent, for a living or whatever whey they still study at the University. Their parents do not take the financial responsibility for their children in this aspect. So, they do not change their career paths instantly and only because they want so as it is a simple waste of money. Secondly, before considering Sudanese women dating, please be ready that they will not just clean the house, wash the dishes, do vacuum-cleaning, wash the clothes and raise your children as any usual maid does. What really matters to hot Sudanese brides are their careers. Many Sudanese women have perfect high-level positions such as top-managers, CEOs and fulfill other leading duties. So, their jobs are not only the leading ones but also they earn quite good money for their country. These women are very smart, knowledgeable, creative and quite self-confident. Please do not await that will totally and do whatever you tell them. Moreover, there are a lot of feminist communities in this country. First ones of them were created in the 20th century.

    Then the question arises: why some of them agree to be the third of the fourth wife for their husband? What a strange tradition nowadays when we have an iPhone and want to buy Tesla. Certainly, this sounds quite bizarre. However, some women just accept this as a part of their heritage and ancient custom and part of the culture, and that’s it. 

    That is why it is clear why there are so many Sudanese brides for sale: they just want to be the only ones for their husbands.

    Another stereotype is that hot Sudanese women do not care about their families and do not even keep their eyes on them. Is it really so? The thing is that there is a significant contrast between Sudanese families if we would like to compare them. The particular area where the family leaves matters a lot. Because this particular stereotype appeared in the cities and towns where maids from other countries raised and took care of the daughters of rich Sudanese people. Of course, these girls did not have to do anything. Everything was made for them! Moreover, when these girls married, they had even more servants and again, there was absolutely no necessity for them to do anything! This way, the image of apathetic and tired Sudanese bride appeared. In the real world, beautiful Sudanese women are affected by many other cultures so they can have totally opposite opinions on marriage, families, husbands, raising children, housekeeping, etc. Just do not be surprised. There are a lot of stories when hot Sudanese brides live as described above. Simply because their husbands are not bothered by it. Certainly, there are plenty of families with such a lifestyle around the world, so it is not proper to believe that this model is the most popular or traditional one.

    On the contrary, there are large numbers of women who not only have successful careers but have also to take care of their children and husbands. Like many women all over the world, hot Sudanese brides want to find the balance between their jobs and families. The spiritual health, education, comfort of their children are very important to them. Best Sudanese brides appreciate their husbands, their parents and do their best to satisfy their families and make them happy.

    How to win her heart?

    It is understandable that you certainly want to charm the beautiful Sudanese woman and show her that you are the only one she is looking for. There are legal things that you can do to pursue this goal.

    1. The first one is to convince her that you will not hurt her, no matter what. Keep in mind, that hot Sudanese brides do not tend to show their real feelings and thoughts right away in front of a total stranger. You should earn her trust at first. Just tell her your truthful intentions and let her make an opinion about you based on your actions, not just words.
    2. Another advice is being amusing. As it is stated before, Sudanese mail order brides are very well-educated, so you must be very smart and intelligent to speak with her on a variety of topics. She will not hold boring conversations about the weather, though. Tell her what you really think of the important things such as economics, world wars, natural resources, global warming and so on. moreover, say her how much you appreciate her culture and explain your opinion. Tell her about your own customs and traditions, and interesting facts or stereotypes about your country. Be genuine, otherwise, she will feel your lie. On the other hand, do not take this as a competition or debates. The goal is to show that you respect her opinion and share your own one, not to make her think that you are the winner of the world.
    3. Do not forget to listen to her back and give her the opportunity to speak as much as she wants to. You cannot just say “Excuse, could you repeat, please? I’ve missed it as I looked into your beautiful eyes that are like the ocean”. If you do, consider that your relations come to end have not even begun. It would unforgivable mistake for her if you do not listen to what she says. Hot Sudanese brides want to be respected, heard and taken care of. Do not miss your chance just being inattentive to her words. No doubt that these women will certainly feel when a man listens to them with a high level of attention and interest or he just fakes the honest passion.

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