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    AnastasiaDate Review

    • October 25.2019
    • Updated: 27 Sep 2022

    About girls

    • Date with older guy: 91%
    • Reply rate: 89%
    • Beauty: 9.4
    • Popular age: 18 - 50
    • Profiles: 5 987

    About site

    • Visit rate: 9.1
    • Fraud: Very Rarely
    • Rating: 9.5


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    Pros and cons

    1. The site will offer you probable candidates based on your profile information
    2. About 80 million users visit it every year
    3. One of the most popular sites that provide online communication
    1. No mobile App

    AnastasiaDate Review

    Love, mutual understanding and a strong family are exactly what most people dream of. However, awareness of this desire may not come immediately. All people try to earn more money, go headlong to work and then realize that they have not reached the most important thing. Then the question arises of how to find your soul mate. For many people, this is not easy. However, if you are reading this article, this means that you are already on the right path! 

    Take the initiative into your own hands and happiness will not keep you waiting. With the advent of the Internet, it has become possible to communicate with people from the other end of the world. And many people manage to create strong families.

    Girls online  1234
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    How to find your love and where is it waiting for you? We do not have the skills to predict horoscopes or fortune-telling on runes, but we know one thing for sure. Your love can appear behind the screen of your computer or smartphone! As you already understood, we will talk about a dating site. Of course, on such sites, people meet in search of easy-going communication, but most come to these resources in order to find their soulmate. The most important success factor in this matter is the right choice of dating sites.

    That is why we have prepared for you AnastasiaDate Review because this is a great step to meet your love! Based on our review, you will be able to decide that this is one of the best places to start building your destiny independently. Let’s start!

    AnastasiaDate – photo 1

    AnastasiaDate: The Key Features That You Need to Know

    This is one of the most popular sites that provide online communication. This is not only a popular site but one of the first. 

    Imagine that about 80 million users visit it every year. 

    Someone comes just to meet new people and communicate with them, and someone really gets the desired relations and marriage. No wonder people came up with a saying that there is no accounting for taste.

    If your key goal is to get in touch or have a serious relationship, then you can get it here. On the net, you can find many success stories online from users. That is why we can talk about the effectiveness of this site. Let’s start this review with advantages and disadvantages.



    Top 3 Sites comparisons by ethnicity

    • Date with older guy: 98%
    • Ease of Seduction:8.9
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.7
    • Date with older guy: 91%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.5
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.9
    • Date with older guy: 87%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.3
    • Girls’ beauty: 8.9
    • Date with older guy: 95%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.1
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.3
    • Date with older guy: 92%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.1
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.1
    • Date with older guy: 89%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.0
    • Girls’ beauty: 8.8
    • Date with older guy: 93%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.6
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.2
    • Date with older guy: 84%
    • Ease of Seduction:7.0
    • Girls’ beauty: 8.2
    • Date with older guy: 87%
    • Ease of Seduction:8.0
    • Girls’ beauty: 8.6
    All countries

    How Does Interaction with the AnastasiaDate Site Begin?

    To start using this platform you need to go to the official website and fill in the registration form. You need to enter your email, a name and choose a sexual orientation. By the way, you can first browse the site and read the answers to many popular questions. There you will find a link to a free application that is available for both Android and iOS. This is a real advantage over other similar sites, as some competitors create an application that can be available either only for iOS or Android.

    After you finish the registration process, which you will read about in detail later, you will immediately see the girls’ accounts that are available for online chat or video chat. By the way, on some profiles of girls, you will see an icon indicating that their account has been verified. This means that the support service guarantees the reality of the account. So, if your intentions are serious and only serious, start looking for the girl among those who have this icon in the profile.

    A distinctive feature is that all the results of your searches will be displayed in the gallery. This is very convenient when you have looked at many accounts, but want to return to something special. Also, all participants can indicate their knowledge of English to simplify communication with each other. However, you will be always able to ask for translation services to communicate with the candidate you like.

    What You Need in Order to Create an Account

    In fact, the registration process takes place in the usual way. You can create an account using your Facebook and Google profiles. 

    Take profile creation very seriously. Indicate only the true data. 

    You should carefully choose a photo as well. Try not to use a lot of filters and graphic editors. It is always better to stay yourself and only confirm your identity and personality at a later video chat meeting or a romance tour with your selected girlfriend. It is believed that the greatest interest is not in selfies, but in photos in which a person is busy with something.

    Who Can You Find Here and How?

    On this site, you can find girls who live in 

    To find suitable candidates, determine the age and level of education you want to find. Think about what her goals in life are, what she can dream about. It is believed that relations between people of the same circle are always much stronger and more successful than misalliances. It’s best to have an idea of ​​the women that interest you. When you start looking at the Anastasiadate profiles, your eyes will start to run wide. Be prepared for this, there are a lot of profiles of beautiful women really.

    Many users post videos on their pages.

    With these videos, you can get to know a person even better. By the way, you will not spend your credits on this. And in general, it’s nice to see how the beauty with whom you communicate looks like because photos and correspondence do not give such an effect.

    The site will offer you probable candidates based on your profile information, as well as take into account your wishes. Therefore, when filling out your profile, be extremely accurate, specify:

    There is a filtering function here, so finding relevant profiles will be easier. And this is a definite advantage!

    And be sure that from the first days, you will receive many letters. Modern girls do not hesitate to say hello first so it is even possible that you will not need to wait and look for the appropriate candidate for a long time. As for you, it also makes no sense to be shy, so write messages to the girls that you like. In the end, everyone here is united by one goal, and no one will think anything bad about you.

    The Pricing Policy

    As for prices, how much you spend depends entirely on you! 

    First, let’s start with the fact that 

    are free functions. At the same time, this is very good, because you will have time to get acquainted with the site and its work. And after that, decide whether to pay for the rest of the services and what beneficial offers to choose for yourself. This gives you an opportunity not to buy a pig in a poke but to make a calm decision.

    If you have decided that you want to start a conversation, then you will need to buy some credits. Why have we mentioned that everything depends on you? You can buy credits in bunches, so to speak. Accordingly, the larger their number, the cheaper it will be the cost of each. In fact, such a system operates in almost all such agencies. 

    For example, 

    Now, do you understand why it all depends on you? Based on numerous user reviews, buying more credits is much more profitable. So, if you are set up for serious communication, it is better to consider buying enough credits and not to think about this issue for a long time staying on the site. Or, you can also go the other way – buy some credits, try how they work and make a decision.

    All You Need to Know About Security

    According to the information on the Anastasia dating site, each profile is legal. However, there is the possibility to become a victim of scammers even on the street of your town, but here site support assures that they are monitoring such cases when scammers want to steal your money. And if detected, the site will take action immediately.

    But according to various reviews, users are happy with how the support service works. And users note that there was an urgent response to their complaints and measures were taken fast. If you notice that a person’s behavior is suspicious and report about this to the support service, they will definitely figure it out. In general, if you follow common sense, then you will eliminate the risk of meeting scammers. Just remember the safety rules on the Internet, as is the case with any site that you use. Here all possible risks are minimized.

    FAQs Which You Definitely Need to Know

    In this section, we have prepared interesting questions for you with answers. They will help you learn more about the platform and Anastasiadate offers.

    Yes, it can be done at any time. In the beginning, the site will offer you to suspend the use of your account, but you can skip this item and delete it.

    You can upload four photos. One of them will be the main photo of your profile.

    This is a two-way webcam connection between platform participants. Such a service is considered from the premium class section but is the most effective way of communication. To enable this service, you need to click on the button next to the profile photo and a window for video communication will pop up.

    It is like an ordinary phone call with another member of the site. You need to remember that you must book a call. This should be done at least a day before the desired time of the phone call.

    Ten minutes of conversation thanks to this service will cost you 100 credits. At the end of this time, 10 credits per minute will be written off. If you don’t know the language or are speaking completely different languages ​​with another person, you can use the services of professional translators. 

    This service differs from the previous one in that you can make a call instantly and not wait for time and reserve a call time. However, this can be done if the user is online. This service can be completed if you have an application for Android. The call cost is 5 credits per minute. However, here you need to pay attention to whether the opponent has sufficient knowledge of the language so that you can communicate without difficulty. 

    You can order the service regardless of where the person to whom you want to make it is located. You can see the list of gifts on the main site. Usually, the delivery time takes from 3 to 5 business days. After they are delivered you will be given a photo confirmation of that your gifts fell into the right hands. Such a service is not cheap, you can find the prices for them on the site as well.

    We will answer as follows. This service did everything that depends on it to make this happen as soon as possible. For this purpose, the platform has built-in smart search capabilities, a variety of communication options, as well as many options to find out everything about the girl you like. Here everything works almost the same as in reality – take active steps, and you will definitely get the result.

    Free Options at AnastasiaDate

    As mentioned above, there are some paid and some free options. Here you can register for free and look at the site before buying credits. 


    are for free. You do not need to instantly fill out all the columns in the questionnaire, you can do this at any time and this is also free. We have already said that viewing profiles and searching for candidates is free of charge.

    The site did everything possible so that you had enough time to make a decision on how much credits you need to purchase to achieve your goals. If you communicate using conventional means of communication, you will not spend a lot of money. Well and accordingly, you can significantly save on the purchase of credits in large quantities.

    What You Need to Know About Credits

    As you already understood, everything is arranged here by paying for Anastasiadate credits. This means that for some services you will need to pay a certain amount of credits. In fact, this is a very convenient system. 

    For example, 

    Based on the prices listed above, as you understand, you will need some money to use the platform in full. However, using ordinary services will not bring you much cost. If the virtual way of communication brings you the desired results and you are happy, then how can this be commensurate with money. The main thing is to get what you are looking for and coming for, and this site will give you immense opportunities to choose, communicate, speak by phone or with the help of the video, and develop your relations in the way you like. 

    The site has an option to pay by credit and debit card, as well as the PayPal system. According to the information on the site, all payment transactions are safe. After analyzing various reviews from real users, no problems were found with the purchase of credits.

    Is It Really Works to Find Love?

    Yes, this site works to find communication or your soulmate. Due to the popularity of the site, many men and women prefer to register here. And this means that the chances of finding the right candidate are increasing. Here you can find both a romantic relationship and find a companion for life. We can say that everyone will be able to realize their goal on this platform.

    This is a great place that erases the boundaries of continents and oceans between people. If you find it difficult to start communication in real life, then here it is easy to do. Based on various reviews, many men are satisfied with the relationships they were able to find here. 

    Let’s think about it in the following context. Each site that created and launched to surf the Internet is designed to solve a specific problem of users. If the site does not solve the problem, it cannot exist for long. Such sites simply disappear, because of the owner can not pay for hosting. But if everything on the site works in such a way that everyone can get what he wants, solve his most pressing need, from easy communication after work to marriage, then the platform will exist and develop. 

    Anastasia Date would not have become so popular, sought after and known throughout the world if it were not really possible to get everything you need in one place. This system really works due to the fact that it unites people and helps them find a partner in their interests. Thus, if you started using this service, you are already one step closer to your prize. Just choose your goal and move towards it. Moreover, everything is built here in such a way that communication is easy, comfortable, but as effective as possible.

    Verdict: Why Should You Use This Platform?

    Actually, you don’t lose anything if you register here because it’s free. You can look at the site and the girls’ profiles for a couple of days. If you like this agency, then you can safely buy credits and use the opportunities to the fullest!

    Communication on dating service helps to gain self-confidence and the necessary communication skills. There you can find not only friends since many of the virtual acquaintances end with wedding bells. The main thing is not to lose vigilance and keep a sober look at things. So if you need communication, then this is a good place to find your new friends. But if you have a strong intention to marry a girl, then this website will give you a great opportunity to get in touch with her, even despite the fact that she may live on the opposite part of the planet.  

    We recommend using this site as it is the undisputed market leader. What is more, if fate itself gave you a chance in the form of this review, use this information and begin active actions to find love and harmony in life. Anastasiadate will provide you with everything needed to achieve your goal quickly.

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