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How to meet a woman: a step-by-step guide made of 7 steps

What about exploring this world by meeting different women? No matter, if you’re seeking them to make friends, have sex, make love, or marry – eventually – a lot of men find huge positive emotions in meeting a new woman and wooing her. For many, this is a masculine game, which adds a lot of significant bright colors to the life of a man. But for a large part of men, meeting women is the stress that exhausts powers and imposes the fear of being rejected. So, today we are composing these guidelines for those who are interested in how to meet a woman but haven’t found a proper answer yet.

How to meet a woman: a 7-step instruction

1.Define why do you need a woman.

Depending on your answer, the actions and the way of your behavior with ladies around you will differ. For sex, you have to cause her genuine interest, hook her with your masculinity, and to cause the fleshy desire in her. For friends, no sex interest between people is natural, whilst personal interest and coziness of time spending together are a must. For marriage, she has to see in you a reliable partner able to be devoted to a long-term relationship. For business, the brain and work skills of a woman are important to you. 

As you can see, the set of what it takes and what it requires will differ, so set up your goals before you’re going to engage in the searches.

2.Find a woman. 

This is the longest stage in your quest of how to meet a woman. There are offline and online sites, which allow you to find women with different % of probability. And your goal of looking for somebody will affect them. For instance, for friendship, it makes no sense to go to nightclubs where people are likely to search for sex and longer romance. The same it makes a little point to look in a library for a hot sexy babe to have sex with her in a matter of minutes or hours after the encounter. Yes, librarian gray mice are often hotter and more depraved in the bed than seem-to-be-super-hot chicks of dance floors but it takes quite a time to make it to sex with them (days at least, weeks as a rule). 

The best offline places to look for a woman for sex and love are bars, restaurants, nightclubs, speed dating, indoor and outdoor parties, social events, art galleries, shopping malls, dance classes, coffee shops, gyms, weddings, and workplaces. These are the high-chance options. The lesser probable but still doable are sports events (like hippodromes or your favorite baseball’s game at a stadium), concerts, shows, streets, public transport, at the stops of the public transport, volunteering or hobby groups (including the ones that you might have seen in the ‘Fight Club’ movie – groups giving assistance to people), markets, laundromats, hair salons, yoga classes, jogging, bookstore, in the organized tours and trips, cooking classes. The online offers include specialized dating sites – and there are many of them. By the way, in the next chapter of this article, we are considering some good options for online dating, naming excellent dating sites. 

3.When you approach ladies, be yourself.

Nobody wants to hear lies from you and discover later that was it. You perfectly can be a better version of your mundane self without lying. Wear nice clothes, take a shower, do your hair nicely, take a shave, apply a cologne, and act wisely, trying to be fun and wit (but not the guy know-it-all, as a handful of people on Earth only find it sexy). Be open-minded, stay interested in the girl, react positively, and think out of the box, drawing your non-assuredness and tremors inside somewhere. Be gentle and attentive and act confidently, emanating success but not inappropriate self-assuredness. And be ready to know a lot about a woman (and remember that) because a conversation is a basis for any relations, even short-lived ones. And don’t forget that presenting yourself well is not just for the first date or two – it should be continuous. 

4.Consider women at work.

When you work in a collective of people during weeks, months, and years, it is quite easy to know a lot about women you’re working with, as you spend a lot of time together and can eavesdrop many chats and information. Knowing who is single and likes you is not that hard, after all. That’s why a tremendous amount of people find their happiness in the workplace. However, you should know that a work romance, once ended, will impact you too badly. You will not be able to work with that person anymore, even being with her in one room. If this is an open space – even worse. So breaking up will make one of you change a job, eventually. So take it seriously.

5.The face is where to look, not breasts.

There is a joke:

“Hey, you should look at my face when I’m talking to you”, she says.

“But your breasts are half-bare! Where would you be looking if I took out my penis?”

“In a microscope!”

To avoid that kind of jokes at you, you should remember that looking in the eyes of a woman is the only nice way to make her think you’re not a freak. Too many nice guys look at boobs and they eventually get lost from the lives of such women. So don’t be a sex-oriented freak, which will make a woman think you only want to get laid, not interested in her as a person (even if you do want to get laid, to make it with a nice woman, not a hooker, it takes efforts from you and you have to make her think seriously you’re taking her as a person, not as a sex object). 

6.Make a connection.

Don’t overcrowd her, remember about the personal intimate zone, which is approximately 3 steps in radius. Converse with her, not only say ‘yes’ at things she says and not just ‘wait for your turn to say’. Let a girl feel comfortable with you – this means that her first step towards leaning to you should be done by her when she feels it right.

7.Deal with rejection.

You are going to be rejected before you find a girl who will want to be with you. Learn how to deal with it. Don’t make it a life-sized personal drama, take it as necessary steps on your way to get closer to the goal. During one party, you can approach 50 girls and 49 will reject you until there is one, who will not. You’ve reached your goal. And yes, the number of rejection can be that high and the success rate can be that low – but the reward is coming and you should be ready for going that way. Treat it as 49 jobs, which reject you before the 50th job accepts you – you wouldn’t give up trying to find a job under these circumstances, won’t you?

The list of fine online services to find a woman

We’ve promised you to uncover the list of online services, which are good to find a nice lady. So here they are:


We’ve picked them from amongst thousands of online resources because they are not ‘one of many’, they really work! In the first place, there are tens of thousands of positively tuned ladies who really want to find a nice guy and they are here for that goal, explicitly and unambiguously telling that. Some of them want to marry, others are seeking friendship or light romance (read: short-lived sex), while others want to have fun and travel. So, there is a lot of fish in the pond to select from. Also, there are many girls online at any time, so starting chats to them is easy and fruitful.

How to meet a woman: an afterword

Now you know a short but comprehensible guide on how to meet a woman. That’ll help you. But also bear in mind that: