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    AsianDate Review

    • October 28.2019
    • Updated: 22 Apr 2020

    About girls

    • Date with older guy: 89%
    • Reply rate: 88%
    • Beauty: 9.2
    • Popular age: 18 - 50
    • Profiles: 5 678

    About site

    • Visit rate: 9,3
    • Fraud: Very Rarely
    • Rating: 9.3


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    Pros and cons

    1. Comfortable communication
    2. Registration is absolutely free
    3. The site has an anti-fraud policy
    4. E-mail, video calls and other additional services
    1. Somewhat outdated design and flawed navigation

    AsianDate Review

    About AsianDate

    Top 3 Sites comparisons by ethnicity

    • Date with older guy: 98%
    • Ease of Seduction:8.9
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.7
    • Date with older guy: 91%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.5
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.9
    • Date with older guy: 87%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.3
    • Girls’ beauty: 8.9
    • Date with older guy: 95%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.1
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.3
    • Date with older guy: 92%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.1
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.1
    • Date with older guy: 89%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.0
    • Girls’ beauty: 8.8
    • Date with older guy: 93%
    • Ease of Seduction:9.6
    • Girls’ beauty: 9.2
    • Date with older guy: 84%
    • Ease of Seduction:7.0
    • Girls’ beauty: 8.2
    • Date with older guy: 87%
    • Ease of Seduction:8.0
    • Girls’ beauty: 8.6
    All countries

    How AsianDate website works?

    Who can you find there?

    Thanks to dating sites and social networks, the virtual world unites more and more lonely hearts into completely real families. What kind of girls can you meet on the net?Among groups of girls you can find one that is for life. 

    These girls know what they want, and really look for a serious relationship, they want to get to know each other, but they are afraid, because they have heard about the negative experience of dating online.  They are aware that not everyone came here with “good intentions.” Their profile is often without photos, there is only a photo on the avatar. But after talking with the candidate and studying his profile, they will send the photos by mail.  These do not deceive, you can not worry.

    There really are a lot of such sites, most of them.  And although other groups always spoil their lives, these girls still exist on dating sites.  They are really looking for a companion, preferably for life. They came to the site because they had lost faith in the fact that they could meet someone in real life due to the constant workload.  They are really looking for a man, not his material components. Of course, they will not get to know everyone in a row, but they will speak bluntly and honestly about everything. It was for this category of brides that all dating sites were originally created.

    It so happens that there is no family and no family.  And in this group it’s quite difficult to understand why people are still single.  It is possible that the process of choosing a partner was unsuccessful either, or the partner himself, or, perhaps, the reasons for the failure lie in the girl herself.  Representatives of this group are always looking only for lasting relationships. Real life gives us a chance to get rid of loneliness, often before the age of 25. By and large, the character of a person has not yet been fully formed, the circle of acquaintances from the time of school and institute has not greatly expanded.  Then, over time, with growing up, suddenly an understanding may come that next to you is not the right person, that he is not your soul mate. And the search begins.

    How to create account?


    Legit or scam service?

    The site has an anti-fraud policy. The authenticity of each profile is verified. No woman can register without submitting identity documents. The site completely excludes fake user pages that carry fake informational material.Asian Date does not disclose information about your person. In addition, unregistered users on the site are not allowed to view your page.

    Specialists working to create have developed personality tests for their clients. Based on the results of these tests, an analysis is conducted on the psychological compatibility of future partners. Choosing a partner, specialists, in addition to the external data of the applicant, take into account the features of his character. This largely allows you to get away from disappointment in a future life together. In addition, this test helps weed out customers whose goal is to get to know each other or use men as a wallet.

    The most important positive qualities of can be safely attributed a professional support service that helps customers solve many problems. Users can comment on the site and they will be surely reviewed by specialists of the corresponding department. It is the comments of users that make the site service more quality. The dating site has an e-mail address for feedback and a chat on which you can solve the problems in online time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is AsianDate dating site?

    Is AsianDate free?

    How do AsianDate credits work?

    How many members does AsianDate have?

    The site has 2 million users from different countries. And the number of ladies is much greater than men. So it will be extremely easy to meet your Asian. Active users are approximately 4000 per day. You do not have to wait 2 weeks for you to be answered. Chat with girls at any time convenient for you.


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